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Welcome to Chuck's Sports Cards and Collectibles!

Your home since 2003 for sports cards team sets and more for all 5 major US sports!

(MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and the MLS)

The team sets I offer span several decades and include your favorite brands including Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Fleer, Bowman, Donruss, Score and more!

If you are buying your team sets on the major shopping sites, stop right now! You are paying more for their team set with free shipping than here combined! Compare the prices and then come on back!

I also offer team lots, team gift sets, graded cards, sets and links to supplies for your hobby needs! More items always on the way so stop back often!

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Latest Additions and "Coming Soon" listed below.

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MLB Baseball Card Team Sets:

Latest Additions!

2023 Topps Update (Added: 11/10/23)

2023 Panini Prizm (Added: 10/1/23)

2022 Panini Prizm (Added: 10/20/23)

2023 Topps
2023 Topps Update

2023 Panini Prizm
2023 Panini Prizm Baseball

NFL Football Card Team Sets:

Latest Additions!

2023 Score (Added 11/22/23)

2022 Donruss (Added 8/11/23)

2023 Score
2023 Score

2022 Donruss
2022 Donruss

NBA Basketball Card Team Sets:

Latest Additions!

2022/23 Panini Hoops (Added 7/29/23)

2020/21 Panini Flux (Added 7/29/23)

2021/22 Panini Donruss (Coming shortly!)

Panini Hoops
2022/23 Panini Hoops

Panini Flux
2020/21 Panini Flux

NHL Hockey Card Team Sets:

Latest Additions!

2022/23 Upper Deck (Added 6/8/23)

2021/22 Upper Deck MVP (Added 6/8/23)

2022/23 Upper Deck
2022/23 Upper Deck

2021/22 Upper Deck MVP
2021/22 Upper Deck MVP

MLS Soccer Card Team Sets:

Latest Additions!

2022 Topps (Added 12/26/22)

2021 Topps (Added 8/9/21)

2022 Topps MLS
2022 Topps

2021 Topps MLS
2021 Topps

Shipping Costs

IMPORTANT UPDATE: (7/21/23) Due to the new "USPS Ground Advantage" service pricing which eliminated First Class domestic postage, I can no longer afford to offer $3.50 shipping for a single team set. The price for any order (1+) team sets will be determined by weight and destination of the order now.

Shipping to other countries will vary depending on location and weight of package regardless if purchasing one team or more as before.

Starting Aug 1, 2023, Free shipping and insurance is now on any order $100* and up (USA destinations only).

*This is based on the sub-total of your order after discounts are applied.

All other countries any order over $150 I will cover 1/2 shipping cost.

For more information and questions,please visit my Frequent Answers and Questions (FAQ) page.

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