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You can send your inquires here to me anytime!  I will try to respond to any serious inquiry within 24-48 hours.

Team Set Questions

Q:   What is your definition of a team set and what cards does it include?   

A:     The team sets are composed of the base set cards for a particular brand/year. For example, if I am making a 2016 Topps Chicago Cubs team set, I use all the base cards designated as Cubs and package them as a team set. I do not include short printed cards, variation cards or insert cards unless otherwise noted. I also do not include cards that have multiple players from different teams as I cannot divide up one card into multiple team sets.

Q:   What is the difference between a base card and a short print card?   

A:     A base card is a the common card you can find in any pack of cards or a factory made set from the factory. The short print is a rare card that has less production than the normal base card. They are not included in factory made sets. For example, Topps Heritage baseball base sets these days are typically cards 1-400. Cards 401-500 are short prints. A card numbered 1-400 can appear in any given pack of cards. Cards numbered 401-500 might only appear once out of every 4 packs of cards, making them rarer than base cards. This makes them more expensive and harder to get. If I included the short print cards it would drive up the price of the team set.

Q:    Do you include short printed, insert or variation cards in your team sets?

A:    Unless otherwise noted, I do not include short printed cards. Nor do I include insert cards which are basically short printed special subset cards. Variation cards are cards that are of the same player, but the card itself is different. For example card #355 of Joe Player could show him standing at the plate with a bat. There might be another rare version of card #355 this one showing Joe Player getting gatorade dumped on his head. Those rare cards are not included as they would drive up the price of the team set. If I have one and include it in the team set, I will put that in the notes for that particular team set.

Typical modern sets that have short print cards are Topps Heritage, Topps Heritage High, Gypsy Queen and Allen-n-Ginter

Q:    Chuck this online team set checklist said my team set was supposed to have 5 short print cards, 3 variation cards and 9 insert cards. All you sent me where the regular base cards, please send the rest!!

A:     No I am sorry, you are not getting them. There are many online team set checklists made up by different folks. That type of list that shows ALL the cards by a manufacturer for a certain team and that is commonly known as a MASTER CHECKLIST. My team sets (like 99% of all other team set dealers) are made up from the base set cards. Now if I send you a base team set that is supposed to be 25 cards and I accidentally send you a team set that is missing one of those base cards, then absolutely I will get that missing card sent out to you.

NOTE: I am not under any obligation to provide cards just because a "team set guide" produced by somebody else says different. There is no official one size fits all guide when it comes to team sets.

Q: How many cards come in each team set? How come one set I got had 33 cards and the other one had 6?

A:    The size of a team set will depend on how many cards the card manufacturer made for the set. A 1972 Topps Baseball set was made up of 787 cards. Divided by 24 teams at the time you had an average of 32 cards per team set. A 2019 Topps Update set of 300 cards divided by 30 teams gets you an average of 10 cards per team set. However, not all teams are created equally. The more popular teams like the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, may have more cards on average than teams like the Marlins and Rays. I've seen some team sets as small as 4 cards even though the entire set was 400 cards. The same holds true with Football, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer team sets. If you have any questions on how many cards are in a team set, please feel free to ask. Don't get mad at me if you order a team set and it comes with only 6 cards, I have no control over how the manufacturers produce their cards.

Q:  Hey, this team set you sent has only 12 cards and their were over 40 players on the team! Joe Schmo was traded to my team during the season and you did not send his card! SCAM!!!!!!!

A:   As I noted above, team sets will vary in size due to the # of cards in the base set. Some baseball sets only have 300 cards in the whole set (some other sets have even less!), yet there are over 750 major leaguers.I can't add cards the manufacturer didn't make. Also, there are many instances where Joe Schmo was on one team and traded before or during the season. I do not take that into account when making team sets. Whatever team the player is listed as playing for on the card is the team set I will place the card into. Example:If Joe's card shows him playing for the Mets, he will be in the Mets team set, regardless of his trade to the Astros.

Again I have no control over how the card manufacturers produce their cards. The best thing to do is ask me questions about the team set before you pay for it and you get upset with me because I sent you a 13 card team that didn't have Joe Player in it.

Q:   Chuck, you sent me a team set with 17 cards in it, but this team set guide book I have says I am supposed to have 19 cards.  These missing cards are not short prints or any other cards that you say you do not include. So where are the other 2?

A:   I have had this happen several times already (many of them football).These online "Team Set" guides that some people have purchased are not entirely accurate. I have found these guides do not always go by how the card was printed, but rather the team roster that may have changed before, during or after the season due to trade or free agency. Again as stated above, if the card is printed to say that he was a New York Giant, that is the team set his card gets placed. If he gets traded to the Cowboys, the player's card does not get "traded" to the Cowboys team set regardless of what some guide says. If you have such a team set guide and you feel according to it that you are missing a card, let me know and I'll research it to be sure.

Also to note, just because somebody else makes a publication that says a particular team set has cards ABC in it does not necessarily mean that my team set (or any other team set dealer) has all of the same cards. Again, I am not under any obligation to provide cards just because a "team set guide" produced by somebody else says different. Again, if you have any questions on what or who is in the team set, please ask before ordering. This will prevent any misunderstanding ahead of time. I also do not charge you for cards that are not in the team set. If my team set has 28 cards and the "team set guide" shows 31 because they also list the 3 player rookie cards that I do not include because the players are from different teams, you are not paying extra for the 3 cards that are not included. My price reflects the cards in my team set, not what some "team set checklist guide" says it should be.

Q:   I ordered a 1976 team set and the team card checklist shows 30 cards in the team set, but you only included 27 cards, please send the other 3 to complete the team set.

A:   The 3 missing cards are Rookie Player cards that have multiple players from different teams on them. From prior to 1970 thru 1978, Topps produced Rookie cards for positions (Pitcher, Outfield, etc) that had 3 or 4 different players from different teams on them. As I cannot cut up a single card to satisfy 3 or 4 different team sets, they are not included in the team sets. For every year of the 70's, I have a specific page set up that shows what is and what is not included in the team sets. Every team page has links to those pages for more information on that team set, including a photo of the cards you are getting.

My favorite example of this situation occured when years ago a fellow ordered a 1978 Topps Yankees team set. One of the players on a Rookie card was Mickey Klutts. After he received his team set, he wrote back to complain about the missing Klutts card. Even after I explained the situation, he still insisted I send him the card. I said I would but it would cost him an extra $50. He asked why I would charge him $50 more for a card that had Klutts on it since he never was a star. I said because that card also was the Rookie card of Paul Molitor and Alan Trammel and if I was going to include it in the Yankees team set, the price would have been $50 more. When I asked him if he would have purchased it at that price, he said no.

If you would like to purchase these Rookie cards to complete a team set, just ask and if I have them I will quote you a price for them.

Q:    What condition are the cards in the team sets?

A:    The majority of the cards in my team sets are in NrMt - Mt condition. Older team sets prior to 1991 may contain some ExMt+ cards due to cardboard design causing them to have a slight bend to them because of the lighter cardboard. If I feel a team set overall is less than NM condition, I will note the condition I perceive the cards to be next to the team set. Though this mostly covers team sets from prior to 1980.

I do not like sending out team sets that I myself would not like to receive if ordering them.

Q:   When making your team sets from a base set that contains 2 or more series, do you count each series as a separate team set like some people do, or do you include them all to make one team set?

A: Good question. If a set contains more than one series, in most cases I provide all the series as long as they are base cards. Since 2005 Topps has gone back to issuing its base set in 2 series. The first series is released around January and the second series usually released around June/July. Once I have both series, I combine them to make the complete base team set. There are rare instances when I don't include every series, but that is because the series might be rare and too expensive to get. Best example is 1992 Stadium Club football. They made 2 series and a high series. My team sets are made from the first 2 series only because of the scarcity and cost of the high series. However in those cases I will note them on the team set page so you are aware of what you are getting.

Q:    When making your team sets, do you include Traded and Update sets?

A: When available for 80's and early 90's team sets, I will due to the small size of the traded sets its easier for me to include them with the regular set cards. I do note if the set comes with the traded cards. If I don't have it listed as such, then it doesn't come with them. After 2000, Topps started producing Traded sets that were 300 cards+, so those cards are not included with the regular sets, they are sold separately. Same with Topps Heritage High sets, which is typically a 200 card set and I sell those separetly from the regular Heritage team set.

Q:   I ordered 15 team sets and 3 of them were free as per your special. (for every 5 team sets, each 5th priced team set is free). I've decided I don't want the 12 team sets I paid for and will just keep the 3 since they were free. So you will be sending me a full refund for the team sets I am returning?

A:  I'm afraid not. They are not a "free gift" to keep should you return the other team sets. They are free on condition of purchasing 5+ team sets returning them voids the special. If you decide to keep those 3 that were labeled free, your refund will be the original price minus the orginal price of the 3 you decided to keep.

Retro Video Game Questions

Q:    Are your games new or used?

A:    Unless otherwise noted, everything is used and beyond any manufacturers warranty.  

Q:    Are all games and consoles that you are selling guaranteed to be working?

A:    Yes.  All games and consoles that I list will have been tested and cleaned to the best of my ability before shipment. You will have 30 days after delivery to try out the item. If the item is DOA or fails within these 30 days, I will gladly offer either a replacement or a full refund.  Defective items must first be sent back to me before any refund or replacement goes back out.

Q:    I got your computer game on the 10th, and now 32 days later when I tried to use it for the first time, it is defective.  Send me a full refund please.

A:    I'm sorry, but you will be given 30 days after delivery to test your item.  If you do not contact me within those 30 days about the item being defective or DOA, then you will not get a refund nor replacement.  

Payment Questions

Q:    What forms of payment do you accept? Can I mail you payment?

A:  I accept Credit Cards, Paypal and yes if you wish to mail payment, you can use a check or money order.

For Credit Cards or Paypal, I will send you an e-mail invoice to pay for the items with. eCheck payments through Paypal must clear first (2-3 business days) before shipment. For payment by mail, a personal check must wait 3-4 business days to clear before items will be shipped. I will not accept personal checks from overseas accounts. Strictly Money Order or a Bank check only. Sorry, but I do that to protect myself. Money Orders will be sent out promptly.

Notice: I am not repsonsible for any payment lost while being sent in the mail. While 99.9% of all pay by mail payments have arrived, there have been three times they were lost in transit. In two cases the person that ordered the cards demanded I send them out, regardless that I had never received the payment. I would recommend taking pictures of any Money Orders so in the event the mail does get lost, you have a means of trying to get a refund or replacement from the company that issued it. That is your responsibility, not mine.

If I don't receive payment, I am not sending out any merchandise.

Q:   Are there are any countries you will not send cards to?

A:   The business is mostly with the United States, Canada and on rare occasions, Austraila and a couple of Western European countries. Many countries I will not because the rate of fraud is too high. I apologize, but based on previous experience, I will deny orders to any country that is deemed high risk.

Q:    Will you accept cash sent over the mail?

A:    I will accept cash, but it is preferable you don't send cash over the mail because it is risky. Again ,I will not be held responsible if you send me cash to pay for something and it gets lost in the mail. Also, I do not make change, so if you send me a $50 bill to pay for $35.75 worth of cards, you in essence gave me a $14.25 tip.

I am also fully aware of overpayment scams. If you send me a $1000 check or money order on a $100 bill, I am not sending $900 back to anybody regardless.

Q:    Is there a fee for a bounced check?

A:    There will be a $25 fee for a bounced check, so please don't send one if your checking account funds are low.

Q:    What type of payment will you accept from internationally?

A:    International money order or US currency. I also will take Paypal from Verified accounts only. Also, any payments made by an overseas Paypal account will be sent only to the residence on the Paypal file. This means I will not accept a Paypal payment from a UK account and send the package to another country! Absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Shipping and Handling Questions

Q:    What method of shipping do you use?

A: Effective Aug 1, 2023, I will be using either USPS Priority Mail or USPS Ground Advantage with tracking on most orders.I will give you the shipping rates for the cheapest option but you can choose how you want the package sent.If there is a really heavy or expensive item that needs to be sent, then I will use UPS.If you prefer another form of delivery, please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.

Starting Aug 1, 2023 free shipping and insurance domestically is now changed to any sub-total order over $100. Sub-Total is the cost of the cards after discounts have been applied (free team sets) and does not include the cost of shipping. Example: If you order $92 worth of cards and shipping is $8.50 for a grand total of $100.50, shipping is not free. If your subtotal is $100, then no shipping cost is added because you met the criteria for free shipping.

This only applies to domestic orders. For orders over $150 from Intl' countries, I will pay 1/2 the shipping cost.

Q:    Do you charge outrageous handling fees like some others do?

A:    I charge near exact shipping fees on most items. A large order might require a small handling fee. However,you will never see me tack on a $10 handling fee or charge extra for shipping. I know it is very appalling to get charged say $15 for shipping and handling only to get your package and it says $5 postage and it arrived in a old recycled cardboard box stuffed with old newspaper.

Q:    I want to buy a single team set from you, but I don't want to pay $7 shipping like I have been charged by others in the past, what do you charge?

A:    Due to the new "USPS Ground Advantage" which has significantly increased prices, I can no longer afford to charge $3.50 shipping for a single team set. Starting Aug 1, 2023, cost will be based on weight and destination of package, regardless of how many team sets are purchased.

Q:   How do you package your team sets and cards?

A:   Usually for 1-3 team sets, they are usually sandwiched between cardboard and mailed in a bubble-padded enevelope. For 4 or more team sets, they will be send in standard 200-lb test cardboard sport card boxes. If space needs to be filled in the box to keep the team sets secure, I will use either bio-degradable foam peanuts when I can. Else I may use bubble wrap or brown craft paper wadded.

Q:   Do I have to purchase insurance?

A:    Insurance is optional on USPS deliveries. I do take great care in packaging my cards and I have never ever had a problem with a package getting damaged. However, I will not be held responsible for items that get lost in the mail or are damaged in transit if you do not purchase insurance. USPS Priority Mail does offer free insurance for up to $100 on packages, so if you order a bunch of team sets that require Priority Mail because of the weight, they will be insured for up to $100. Anything over that amount you would have to purchase if required.

Q:   What if the item is damaged during shipping and I did purchase insurance?

A:   Contact me immediately and keep the package it was shipped in. This is needed to file a claim.

Free shipping and insurance over $100 Questions

Q:    I am ordering 5 team sets that are $20 each. I get the 5th team set for free as advertised, so instead of $100, my order is $80. But since I did order $100 in team sets,does this mean I am entitled to free shipping & insurance?

A:    No.  Free shipping and insurance is for your sub-total after any discounts are included.  The sub-total for the order you requested is $80,  so free shipping and insurance is not included.

Q:   I just placed an order and my subtotal comes out to $92.   However,  the shipping and insurance I requested was quoted at $8.50, bringing my final total to $100.50.   So I am now entitled to free shipping and insurance because the final total is over $100?

A:   No.  The free shipping is based on the sub-total of your order after discounts are included.  It is also not based on the final price after shipping is included.   If you wanted to get free shipping on this order,  you would need to purchase another $8 in merchandise to get your sub-total to $100.

Q.  I live in Canada, do I get free shipping for spending $150?

A.  No, the offer for free shipping and insurance is only available to US residents. For any order outside the US,  I will pay 1/2 the shipping cost.  So if the shipping cost for to Canada for example was $40,  I will discount that to $20.


Ordering and Return Questions

Q:   I have ordered my item from you.  When is payment due?

A:     I give a very generous 14 days to wait for payment. Sometimes emergencies can come up and I understand that. However, if payment is not received by the end of the 14th day, the items you ordered will be added back into the general inventory for anybody else to purchase. 

Q:   What if I change my mind and don't want the item I have ordered?

A:    If you decide that you do not want your order, I would please ask that you notify me so that I can relist the items for other people that are interested. There is no penalty or bad marks listed against you if you change your mind. Things happen I can understand that.

Q:   I have buyers regret and I wish to return the item I purchsed?  Can I do it for a full refund?

A:     I will give you a 14 day money back guarantee for Sports Cards and 30 days for video games and other electronics if you are not satisfied with the order. However, items that you damage thru your own neglect are non-returnable. Items must be sent back to me first before I will issue a refund.For DOA items, I will pay return shipping up to the cost of what it actually cost me to send it to you.

Q:  I bought a video game from you but I accidentally broke it. I got it two weeks ago.I want to send it back for refund since it doesn't work.

A:    Sorry, but no returns if you or somebody else brakes it because of neglect. 



Other Questions:

Q:  Are you a registered business owner or just another one of these dime a dozen hobby guys who never answer e-mails or give good customer service?

A:     Yes, I am running a real business that is registered in the state of New Jersey.  However, this is still considered a hobby site and not a full retail site.  By this I mean that I have a regular job to pay all the bills and I run this site on the side.  Therefore I am not here 24/7 to run a full retail site", but I do believe in customer service and I usually respond personally to all e-mails very quickly (less than 24 hours.).  I do want you to buy from me and be a repeat customer in the future!

Q:    How do I know that once I sent you payment, I am going to get the item I ordered?

A:     I've been in business since 2003 here. If you do a search on the domain name of my website you can see that it has been up and running since then. I've listed quite a few of my testimonals here from previous customers and their experience. You can check out my Facebook page for the the testimonials I have there too.

I strive to provide the best service I can.  I want you to come back and buy from me again as most of this goes towards my daughter's higher education, and I won't be able to do that if I am making everybody mad.  Plus, taking money without providing goods in return is mail fraud and I enjoy my personal freedom very much!

Q: How come you don't have a 1-800 number for me to call with my order or questions, why only e-mail?

A: Good question.  If I was running a full retail site and was able to monitor a phone all day, then I would. But I don't, that's why e-mail is easier because I can check e-mail from anywhere at any time. Plus the cost of the 1-800 number would mean I would have to raise my prices to cover the cost of the service and I don't want to charge you higher prices.

Q: You have a phone contact on your website, but when I call it all I ever get is the answering machine and you never call back.

A: Good question.  Due to my current work schedule, I rarely have any appropriate time to return phone calls. That's why e-mail is easier because I can check e-mail from anywhere at any time. While I still have the number, I'm not taking any phone orders at this time.

Q: Do you buy and/or trade?

A:    If you have something you are interested in selling or trading for,  you can send me an e-mail of your deal and maybe we can work something out.  Be forewarned though, if I am going to buy something from you, it better be dirt cheap because I am doing this to get rid of my excess collection for my daughter's education fund, not to load up with even more stuff!

Q:  I have a 12 box case of 2013-14 Panini Basketball that I want to sell you for $19,000!!!!  Believe me its a great deal!

A:  Um, no.  When I said dirt cheap, I mean like salvage prices. Offer me those 12 boxes for $1200 and I might consider it.

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For every 5 teams you purchase, the least expensive of the 5 is free!   If you order more than 5 team sets,  I arrange the team sets from most expensive to least expensive and then every 5th team set in price order is free!  Example:  You order 12 team sets.  The 5th and 10th priced team sets would be the free sets.

1. Team Set - $12     2. Team Set - $11    3. Team Set - $10    4. Team Set - $9      5. Team Set - FREE (normally $8)
6. Team Set - $ 7      7. Team Set - $ 6    8. Team Set - $ 5    9. Team Set - $4     10. Team Set - FREE (normally $3)
11. Team Set - $2    12. Team Set - $1 

So instead of making the bottom 2 priced free,  you would get every 5th team set for free, making your savings bigger!

I accept Paypal

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