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How to Contact Chuck's Cards

1.  Email - Email is the best and preferred way of sending me your questions or comments. You can send your e-mail inquires here to me anytime!  I will try to respond to any serious inquiry within 24-48 hours.

2.  Phone Contact -  (732-665-6590). - Due to the work schedule I am on from the job that really pays the bills (LOL), I am not available to take orders over the phone at this time.

If you call you will get the answering machine and with as busy as I am, the chances of me being able to call you back right away are very poor.

Again e-mail contact will result in quicker replies.

Please note I am not buying cards at this time so I please ask that you do not call if you are trying to sell your cards.  Thank you.

Also, if you are calling to complain about any unsolicited phone calls from my phone contact, I did not make them. Spammers have the ability to "spoof" phone calls to make it appear they are coming from a different location than their own. If you received any phone call from this number, there is a 99.9% chance its a spoofed call.

3.  Snail Mail Contact - If you prefer snail-mail for inquiries,  you can send them to the following address:

Chuck's Sports Cards and Collectibles

P.O. Box 243

Spotswood, N.J. 08884

Special Notice: There are 3 sports cards sites using the name 'Chuck's Sports Cards' in one way or another.  I am located in New Jersey.

The other 2 are located in Iowa and Louisiana. I have no affiliation with either of them. On occasion I do receive contact from customers of theirs and if you are trying to contact either of them,you have reached the wrong place.

Special Note Regarding Spam

I do not send out Spam of any type. There are unscrupulous individuals that have spoofed my e-mail addresses (as well as countless others using my website name) to send out their garbage. If you have come to this page to contact me and complain about unwanted e-mail from me, I assure you that I did not send it. The only mail I send out is either in response to orders, questions or link-exchange offers from other web-hosts.

You can bring any such messages to my attention, but there is little I can do to stop it.Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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For every 5 teams you purchase, the least expensive of the 5 is free!   If you order more than 5 team sets,  I arrange the team sets from most expensive to least expensive and then every 5th team set in price order is free!  Example:  You order 12 team sets.  The 5th and 10th priced team sets would be the free sets.

1. Team Set - $12     2. Team Set - $11    3. Team Set - $10    4. Team Set - $9      5. Team Set - FREE (normally $8)
6. Team Set - $ 7      7. Team Set - $ 6    8. Team Set - $ 5    9. Team Set - $4     10. Team Set - FREE (normally $3)
11. Team Set - $2    12. Team Set - $1 

So instead of making the bottom 2 priced free,  you would get every 5th team set for free, making your savings bigger!

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