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Placing an order at Chucks Sports Cards is VERY EASY!!!!  No accounts to create and no passwords to remember!

I accept Credit Cards from the 4 major services (MC, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER) through ProPay Credit Card services,  Paypal, check and money order!

Just add the items you want to the shopping cart.  On each team set page near the top is a button to check your cart contents.  Once you are finished putting items in your cart, clikc the button to go to your cart.  From there you can click the button to check-out.

You then fill out a couple of fields (name, zip code,
e-mail address, payment option) and press order! 

Click  Below to Bring Up Order Form In A New Window

If you need to order items that are set up for the shopping cart and wish to order items that are not set up,  there is still a form field you can fill in on the checkout page to include additional items as well. 

 If the shopping cart does not work,  you can use the old order form by using the link below.  For that form you would have to type in or cut-n-paste the items you want.

Open Order Form

Please be sure to continue reading for more information on payments accepted and return policy.

Order Form (E-mail instructions)

At the top of the page there will be a button which will bring up the order form in a pop-up window.  You will need to enter your name (first name only is fine), zip-code or country outside the US (so I can calculate shipping costs),  the item(s) that you are interested in and the method of payment you wish to use..  After you have filled out the form, just hit the submit button once and the information will be e-mailed to me. 

I will respond usually within 24-48 hours with the total cost including shipping and handling for either USPS Priority Mail,  USPS Parcel Post or USPS First Class Mail.  Heavier or more expensive orders will be sent UPS.   If you would prefer another method of shipping, please indicate this with your order so I can give you the cost.  

When you have sent payment, I will e-mail you the day the payment arrives so that you know it has come.  I will also e-mail you the day the item is sent out, so you know its on the way.  All shipments will include Delivery Confirmation with the order and the Delivery confirmation number will be provided with the e-mail that informs you of the shipment.  Delivery Confirmation is provided for free with your order.

I will ship internationally.  Shipping fees will be different for International destinations, so when ordering please include the country you wish for me to ship to so I can calculate the shipping charges.

Insurance on USPS items is optional. While I take great care in packaging my products,  I will not be held responsible for lost or damaged mail that is not insured.


I accept the following forms of payment :

  1. Paypal - (Verified US accounts only)

  2. Credit Cards - Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  (Click here for details)

  3. Money Order (or International Money Order if ordering from a country outside the US.)

  4. Bank or Cashiers Check

  5. Personal Check (under the following conditions)

    • No Starter Checks

    • Checks will be held 5-7 business days to clear before shipment.

    • US residents only.

  6. Cash (Send at your own risk.  I will not be responsible for lost mail carrying cash.)


Money Orders and Checks will be made out to : Chuck's Sports Cards and Collectibles

Payment and Return Policy

After I have confirmed your order, all item(s) that you have asked for will be taken out of inventory and set aside for 14 days.  If I have not received your payment by the end of the 14th day and you have not contacted me about late payment, your order will be cancelled and all items will be placed back for sale.

If you decide not to go ahead with your order, I please ask that you notify me so that I can relist the items for other interested parties.  There will be will no penalties or blacklistment of anybody that decides not to order.

There will be a 14 day money back guarantee on all sports card orders and 30 days on video games or other electronics.

If you wish to view an item before ordering,  you can request it by E-mail and I will place a picture up on my Preview Pix page.  This way you can see what the item looks like before ordering.

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to include that with your order.  Thanks.

Click  Below to Bring Up Order Form In A New Window

Open Order Form

If your computer will not allow pop-up windows, or you are on a computer that is not set up for JavaScript for your e-mail box,  you can just send e-mail order request here:  my orders e-mail address.

Shopping Cart Question - I frequently get asked why I do not have a shopping cart on my site for easier shopping.  The problem is that by adding a shopping cart and paying for the service of having one would force me to raise prices on my products to cover the overhead. 

 I am currently working on a trying to get a semi-functional cart to be able to at least add the products to my Order so that you will not have to type or cut-n-paste the items you want into the order form.  Hopefully I will figure this all out and get it going in the near future.