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50 Count Baseball cards

50 Different Baseball Cards of your Favorite MLB Team

Note: Stock column indicates quantity available

All cards that make up team sets are in Near Mint condition unless otherwise noted.
No Short Print or insert cards are included in team sets unless noted.

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50 Count Lots MLB Teams

 My Team Lot Collection packages features 50 different baseball cards of your favorite team!   Packaged in a nice clam shell to give the package that store bought look, this package would make an excellent gift for that special somebody that collects baseball cards or as a great way to start up your own team collection

Update (2/22/22):

I have just purchased over 10,000 cards from the years 2015-2021, so these 50 count lots will contain a lot of newer cards than ever before!

Here is a close up of one of my 50 Count Cardinals and Orioles Team Lots!

50 Count Cardinals and 50 Count Orioles

These are not your typical 50 Count team deals you find at card shows or online auctions where you purchase the 50 cards of your team and discover those 50 cards have duplicates and most are from the junk wax era of the late 80's and early 90's. You may find cards anywhere from 1980-2021, and some might even have cards from earlier years. But I guarantee your pack will not be filled with those junk wax cards! 

I also guarantee that these 50 cards will all be different. There might be a couple of the same player, but they will not be the same exact cards. Also, the cards you receive may be a combination of stars, rookies and your everyday common player. These are not investment lots. These are affordable fun packs for everyone who would like to collect cards of their favorite team without breaking the bank to do so.

Take a moment and go to Amazon and see what it cost to buy a current team set of your favorite team. Go to your local card store and see what it cost to buy single cards of your team. Now compare those prices to mine and you'll see you won't find a better deal out there. Not only would these cards make an excellent way to start or add to your favorite team collection, but these team lots would also make great gifts or even a great "goodie" bag present to hand out at Birthday Parties.

The following team packages are currently available for the 50 Count team lots and the quantity currently available. The price for the 50 Count Team Lot packages varies per team:

Yes the 5 item "Team Set Special" applies here as well. For every 4 team lots you purchase, the 5th priced item is free!

National League Team 50 Count Lots

Team Stock Cost Qty / Click to Add Notes
Arizona Diamondbacks 10 $5.00
Cards may range from 1998-2021
Atlanta Braves 10 $5.00
May include insert cards of Milwaukee Braves
Chicago Cubs 10 $5.00
Cincinnati Reds 10 $5.00
Colorado Rockies 10 $5.00
Cards my range from 1993-2021
Los Angeles Dodgers 10 $7.50
May include insert cards of Brooklyn Dodgers
Miami Marlins 10 $5.00
Cards may range from 1993-2021
Milwaukee Brewers 10 $5.00
New York Mets 5 $5.00
Philadelphia Phillies 10 $5.00
Pittsburgh Pirates 10 $5.00
St. Louis Cardinals 10 $5.00
San Diego Padres 10 $5.00
San Francisco Giants 10 $5.00
May include insert cards of New York Giants
Washington Nationals/Expos 3 $5.00
May include Montreal Expos cards

American League Team 50 Count Lots

Team Stock Cost Qty / Click to Add Click For Photo(s)
Baltimore Orioles 10 $5.00
Boston Red Sox 10 $5.00
Chicago White Sox 10 $5.00
Cleveland Indians 10 $5.00
Detroit Tigers 10 $5.00
Kansas City Royals 10 $5.00
Houston Astros 10 $5.00
Minnesota Twins 10 $5.00
Los Angeles Angels 10 $5.00
New York Yankees 10 $7.50
Oakland A's 10 $5.00
Seattle Mariners 10 $5.00
Tampa Bay Rays 10 $5.00
Cards may range from 1998-2021
Texas Rangers 10 $5.00
Toronto Blue Jays 2 $5.00

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For every 5 teams you purchase, the least expensive of the 5 is free!   If you order more than 5 team sets,  I arrange the team sets from most expensive to least expensive and then every 5th team set in price order is free!  Example:  You order 12 team sets.  The 5th and 10th priced team sets would be the free sets.

1. Team Set - $12     2. Team Set - $11    3. Team Set - $10    4. Team Set - $9      5. Team Set - FREE (normally $8)
6. Team Set - $ 7      7. Team Set - $ 6    8. Team Set - $ 5    9. Team Set - $4     10. Team Set - FREE (normally $3)
11. Team Set - $2    12. Team Set - $1 

So instead of making the bottom 2 priced free,  you would get every 5th team set for free, making your savings bigger!

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