50 Count New York Yankees

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50 Count Team Lot Collection

50 Count Lots MLB Teams

 My Team Lot Collection packages features 50 different baseball cards of your favorite team!   Packaged in a nice clam shell to give the package that store bought look, this package would make an excellent gift for that special somebody that collects baseball cards or as a great way to start up your own team collection

I have included many different brands of baseball cards in this collection.  You will get cards from well known brands such as  Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Score, Stadium Club, Finest, Leaf, Fleer Ultra and more!  Plus these packages will contain cards from the 80's through today.  In some cases, you may find cards from the 70's or earlier inside!

Here is a close up of one of my 50 Count Cardinals and Orioles Team Lots!

50 Count Cardinals and 50 Count Orioles

These are not your typical 50 Count "grab bag" deals you find at card shows where you purchase the small paper bag with 50 cards of your team and discover those 50 cards all are from between 1988-1991.  You will find plenty of cards from 2000 through today as well as 80's, 90's and in some packages you will find cards from the 70's or maybe even the 60's.

 If you take your kids to lots of MLB games,  go into the stadium gift stores and see what these same types of packages are selling for in there.    My starting price of $4.00 each (or $3.50 for 5+)  is equivalent to the wholesale prices those stadium dealers are paying for the packages they are selling.

Take a moment and do an internet search for "50 Card Starter Package" and see what what you find, then compare those prices to mine.  You are not going to find a better team lot deal out there.  Not only would these cards make an excellent way to start or add to your favorite team collection, but these team lots would also make great gifts or even a great "goodie" bag present to hand out at Birthday Parties.

These items are also perfect for dealers who sell cards at flea markets or shows,  Sports Memorabilia Kiosks that sell merchandise in malls,  card stores or even the owner of a small gift store that would like to offer sports cards to their customers that is all packaged and ready to be displayed from their racks or counters.   A nicely packaged, professional looking item all set to sell to your customers!

The following team packages are currently available for the 50 Count team lots and the quantity currently available. The price for the 50 Count Team Lot packages are as follows:

1-9 lots ($4.00 each)
10+ lots ($3.50 each)

You can mix and match teams for the discount when you purchase 2 or more.  They do not all have to be of the same team to qualify for the discount.

 (Teams in RED have been sold)

American League East Teams American League Central Teams American League West Teams
New York Yankees 1 Chicago White Sox 10 Oakland Athletics 8
Boston Red Sox 7 Cleveland Indians 7 Seattle Mariners 6
Baltimore Orioles 9 Detroit Tigers 5 Los Angeles Angels 10
Toronto Blue Jays 5 Kansas City Royals 10 Texas Rangers 10
Tampa Bay Rays 1 Minnesota Twins 8    


National League East Teams National League Central Teams National League West Teams
Atlanta Braves 10 Chicago Cubs 10 Los Angeles Dodgers 5
New York Mets 9 Cincinnati Reds SOLD OUT San Diego Padres 10
Philadelphia Phillies 9 St. Louis Cardinals 2 San Francisco Giants 5
Montreal Expos / Nationals* SOLD OUT Houston Astros 8 Arizona Diamondbacks 1
Florida Marlins 5 Milwaukee Brewers 9 Colorado Rockies 5
Pittsburgh Pirates 8

If you have a special need of more than 10 team set lots of any given team,  please contact me and let me know

* - Expos/Nationals Packages will contain cards from both teams.

     To Place an Order Click Here