1964 Topps Mickey Mantle - New York Yankees

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1964 Topps Baseball Card Team Sets

I am very fortunate enough to have picked up a decent mid-grade 1964 Topps Set at a great price which means absolutely great prices for vintage collectors!  Have you wanted to get a 1964 Topps team set of your favorite team,  but it was too difficult to put together or far to expensive to buy?  Now is your chance to get a team set that is just about 50 years old.  I only have one of each team set and when it is sold,  I have no idea when I will get to replace it again!

 Before ordering, please review this page so you are aware of a few items regarding the team sets.

Pictures, teams and prices listed under the FAQ below.


Team Set Card Condition

All of my 1964 Topps Baseball Team Sets that I have for sale consist of cards that on average would grade out to EX condition Some cards will be EX+ condition and some might fall into the VG - VG/EX  category, but overall these are very nice team sets for a mid-grade condition.   I know its hard for collectors to go out and get that Near Mint 1964 team set,  but these team sets are very nice and I think you will be very pleased to add these to your team collection! 

The common flaws you may find on some of the cards are centering, and corner wear.  There are no cards with major creases, except as noted below,  though an occasional card may have a surface wrinkle or 2,  There are no wax stains on the front or back of the cards either.

Some stars are in VG condition,  such as the 2nd year Pete Rose and Willie Mays cards.  The Pete Rose card has a couple of indents on the card, the Mays card has a few surface creases.  The Cubs tribute card Ken Hubbs does have a crease down the top of the card.  Most stars are in EX condition with the common flaws as listed above.  The othere big stars,  Mantle Card is about an EX/EX+ card and the Clemente is the best,  EX+.

Also to note,  on the back of the 1964 Topps cards,  the trivia facts scratch off cards on most cards have not been touched, but a few have.  In the picture below,  the top card has not been scratched off,  the bottom card shows it has.

This is a normal part of the card and something I do not consider a defect.  If this is a condition that is of concern to you, then please ask before purchasing any of my 1964 Topps team sets.

In the team lists below, you can click on the team you are interested in to see the cards that are in the team set and a good idea of the condition of the cards you are getting.  If you want to see cards in a closer view,  I can accommodate your request.  Just let me know and I will get pictures in a closer view and place them on my preview pictures page.   Remember,  you are the one purchasing the cards and I want you to be happy with your purchase from me.  What you see is what you get.

Cards that are not included with the Team Sets

There are only 3 types of cards not included with any of the 1964 Team Sets.  These cards are not included because they contain different players from different teams.   These include:

1) League Leader Cards  #1 - #12 : different players from different teams.

2) 1964 Rookie Stars  #548, #564, #564 and 572 :  different players from different teams

3) 1964 Special Cards:  #41 Friendly Foes (McCovey/Wagner)
#81 All Star Vets (Fox/Killebrew)
#331 AL Bombers (Mantle/Maris/Cash/Kalinie)
#423 Tops In NL (Aaron/Mays)

1964 Topps A.L. Bombers card - Mantle, Maris, Cash, Kaline

Different Players from Different Teams.

Please note that all the World Series Cards (136-140) are included in the Los Angeles Dodgers team set, since the Dodgers won the 1963 Series 4 games to 0 over the Yankees.  There are no World Series cards included in the Yankees team set as they did not win any games.

All Cards with a value of $20+ will come in screw down card holders with Tamper Proof Seal

All cards that have a Beckett Book Value of $20 or greater will come in screw down hard plastic card holders.  Since these are nearly 50 year old cards,  you will want your cards to keep their condition with as little hand contact as possible.  So the cards  have already been placed into these card holders for you.  Feel confident about your friend checking out your card and not worry about him dropping it and putting a ding in it!

Also,  please note on the top part of each card holder you will find a tamper proof security seal.  This feature has been added to prevent somebody from removing the card and replacing it with the same card in a poor condition state and then trying to return the card (with team set) for a refund.  This happened to me not long ago and because of this I have to take steps to avoid this scam from happening again.

You can view the condition of the card very clearly through the hard plastic and if its not the condition you wanted you can send the team set back for a refund (as per my policy).  Please make note that if you break the security seal to remove the star card from its holder,  you cannot return the team set for a refund.

Also,  in case you missed it above,  if you want to purchase any 1964 Topps team set,  shipping and insurance will be free with your order!

   All 1964 Topps team sets are sent in a 35 count plastic case as seen below.

Team set in 35 card count plastic box

The following team sets are currently available for 1964 Topps Baseball and their price.
(Teams in RED have been sold)

As I finish completing more team sets, they will be listed below with their prices.

Click on your team for a view of the cards in the team set! (Picture will appear in new window)

Atlanta Braves ($150),  New York Mets ($130), Philadelphia Phillies ($110) 
Houston Colts ($90) St. Louis Cardinals ($150)   Chicago Cubs ($150),  Pittsburgh Pirates ($200)
 Los Angeles Dodgers ($175), San Francisco Giants ($135)Cincinnati Reds ($150)

   New York Yankees ($375), Washington Senators ($100), Boston Red Sox ($150)
 Baltimore Orioles ($125)Cleveland Indians ($125), Detroit Tigers ($150),  Chicago White Sox ($100)
  California Angels ($135), Kansas City A's ($90)Minnesota Twins ($100)

1964 Topps Stars Pictures 
 Close up pictures of the Stars with Book Value over $10 (except High # cards)

Atlanta BravesNew York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies 
 St.Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates,
Los Angeles Dodgers,  San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds

Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers,  Minnesota Twins
Kansas City Athletics

Note:  The cards in the pictures are the actual cards you will get.  Some of the photos make a little fuzzy.  Again if you would like to see close up pictures of any card,  please ask before ordering.  Thanks!

     To Place an Order Click Here    


 Pick any 5 team sets, you pay for 4 and the 5th one (the least expensive of the 5) is free!  You can mix and match different teams too!  If you purchase 10 team sets, you get the 5th and 10th (least expensive of the 10) priced team sets for free! 



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