2015 Topps Montreal Impact team set

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Montreal Impact MLS Team Sets

The following page highlights the Montreal Impact Soccer Card Team Sets that I have for sale at Chuck's Sports Cards and Collectibles.  Check back often as I am always adding more team sets.

Latest Montreal Impact Team Sets Added: 2019 Topps

Note: Numbers in parenthesis are the quantity available

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Montreal Impact Team Sets For Sale

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For every 5 teams you purchase, the least expensive of the 5 is free!   If you order more than 5 team sets,  I arrange the team sets from most expensive to least expensive and then every 5th team set in price order is free!  Example:  You order 12 team sets.  The 5th and 10th priced team sets would be the free sets.

1. Team Set - $12     2. Team Set - $11    3. Team Set - $10    4. Team Set - $9      5. Team Set - FREE (normally $8)
6. Team Set - $ 7      7. Team Set - $ 6    8. Team Set - $ 5    9. Team Set - $4     10. Team Set - FREE (normally $3)
11. Team Set - $2    12. Team Set - $1 

So instead of making the bottom 2 priced free,  you would get every 5th team set for free, making your savings bigger!
Note: The Team Set Rack Pack and 10 Team Set Package special deals do not apply to this special.


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