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Chuck's Sports Cards and Collectibles

Credit Card Information Page

Important Information

As of 8/22/07,  I (Chuck's Sports Cards) have started to accept the four major credit cards through a 3rd Party merchant account vendor known as ProPay.  This allows me to accept credit cards directly without the need for my customer to sign up for a Paypal account in order to use credit cards. Their service is also the most cost effective way for me to accept credit cards at this time without having to raise my prices due to the higher costs of a normal merchant account service.   Due to the limitations placed by ProPay on my level of  service,  the maximum amount that I am allowed to process on a single transaction is $500. Thus, I cannot accept any single order for more than $500.

Also, due to ProPay limitations on my level of service,  I also cannot exceed a $3000 monthly maximum in process credit card transactions.  While this will be probably be a rare instance,  there also may be times when I cannot process a credit card order if I reach my monthly maximum.   I will notify any customer that wishes to pay by Credit Card if this happens and I will gladly place the order on hold until the next month.

Also please note, when paying with a credit card,  the items requested will only be sent to the address that matches up with the Credit card billing information.  I will not send items to alternate addresses, no exceptions will be made to this rule.  If you wish to have an item sent to an address not your own,  I would recommend paying by Money Order.

How to pay using a credit card.

When you place an order with me,  all you need to do at first is send me the items you wish to purchase through my Order page.  I will respond to your request with an e-mail that will give you the total amount for the order including shipping.  If you agree to the price I have given you and indicate to me that you wish to pay by credit card,  I will send you an invoice from the ProPay website.

Note:  I will not take credit card information directly from my website, so please do not e-mail me the information . All credit card payments will be made through this e-mail invoice system.

 The invoice request will look something like this.

The e-mail request will come from ProPay.  If you decide you do not want to purchase your order,  this invoice will expire in 14 days as it says in the e-mail, so you do not need to do anything.  To pay using your credit card,  you do not need to register with my site (as others require you to do) and you do not need to join ProPay.  Simply follow the directions listed and you will be brought to a secure payment gateway on the ProPay web site. You'll see the https and the lock icon in the browser window to show the payment form is secure.


The Payment form will confirm the amount that has been requested by me.  You will then fill in the Credit Card Payments Billing Information (as seen below), like you would for any other internet shopping site.

When you have filled in the form with all the proper information,  you just click submit and that's it!  I will receive an e-mail from ProPay that you have paid for the items you have requested and they will be sent out usually the next business day.

It is a very simple process and best of all, you don't need to register with me or ProPay to use the service like a lot of other sites on the internet. 

Note: When you receive your credit card statement in the mail,  you will find the charge was made to orders@chuckscards.com. 
It will not say Chuck's Sports Cards and Collectibles. 


If you have any other questions on Credit Card usage, please contact me or visit the ProPay website.

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