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Baseball Starter Set Packages

Here I am offering a variety of baseball card Starter Set packages from as far back as 1972 Topps thru 2003, for those that are looking to put together a few older sets.  I will be adding more starter packages shortly.

1972 Topps Starter Set (A) - 169 Different cards in Ex to Ex+ Condition on average. Some could grade VG+ and some could grade ExNm+.  The cards are clean and no creases.  The worst part of these cards is really corner wear and maybe some light border chipping. The cards range from 1-785!  A few stars, team cards, regular checklists (all unmarked),  5 High Series cards (VG cond)  and more!   A fantastic deal for somebody looking to start a 1972 set, fill some holes or maybe upgrade a few low grade cards.  - SOLD
1972 Topps Starter Set (B) - 90 Different cards in VG to Ex+ condition with average grade Ex.  No High Series cards in this lot but does go up to number 558.  Cards are pretty clean and no creases.  Moderate Corner wear and light border chipping are the major flaws on the cards, but still good color and a few might even grade ExNm+!   Not as nice as Starter Set (A), but they aren't bad for a starter set at all! - $34.99 (only 1 lot available)
1972 Topps Starter Set (C) - 50 Different cards in VG to Ex condition with more on the VG side.  More heavy corner wear than in my other 1972 starter sets but should be no creases in these cards.  Might be a light crease on one or two cards, but if they are there they are not noticeable.  This lot is a nice way to dabble in starting a 72 set or looking for some filler if nice low graded cards is what you are looking for! - $19.99 (only 1 lot available)
(Note: Starter Set A has the same cards that are in B and C and Starter Set B has the same cards as in C.  In other words, if you buy all 3 lots thinking you are going to get 309 different cards, your not.  You will get 169 different with 90 doubles and 50 triples.)
1981 Topps Starter Set - Over 325 different cards in Ex+ NrMt condition.  There are plenty of NM cards in this lot, but I will give it an overall grade of EXMt+ so as to not over estimate the condition of these cards.  There are a couple of Stars, minor stars, All-Star cards and more.  Checklists and team checklists all unmarked. Clean backs and no creases. Cards come in numerical order .  - SOLD
1982 Topps Starter Set - Over 310 different cards in mostly NrMt condition.  There will be a few ExMt cards in this lot, mainly due to some light border chipping, but a great looking lot!  Minor stars, All-Star cards and more.  Checklists and team checklists all unmarked. Clean backs and no creases. No need to sort as all cards are packaged in numerical order   - $12.99 (only 1 lot available)
1983 Topps Starter Set - Over 370 different cards in mostly NrMt condition.  Again I will say there are maybe a handful of cards that might be considered ExMt+.  This is a super lot to get started on that 1983 set since its almost half the cards you need!  Minor stars, All-Star cards and more.  Checklists and team checklists all unmarked. All backs clean and no creases. All cards in numerical order.    - $14.99 (only 1 lot available)
1984 Topps Starter Set - Over 350 different cards in mostly NrMt condition.  There might be a few ExMt cards sprinkled in, but I only say that because some people can be very picky about their grading. Stars, minor stars, All-Star cards and more.  Checklists and team checklists all unmarked. No wax stain cards.  As an added bouns, I am also including 2 unopened 1984 Topps wax packs (15 cards each).  A chance to pull a few more stars.  A great way to start a 1984 set, especially as a father/son project.  - - SOLD
1985 Topps Starter Set - Over 450 different cards in mostly NrMt condition.  Over half the set is right here!There might be a few ExMt+ cards sprinkled in, mostly due to either very light border chipping on some cards or centering problems.  Stars, minor stars, All-Star cards and more. Checklists and team checklists all unmarked.  As a bonus I'll even throw in a NrMt condition Kirby Puckett rookie card to sweeten the deal!   - $15.99 (only 1 lot available) (Add a Mark McGwire RC for an extra $20!)
2003 Topps Heritage Starter Set  - Over 250 cards in NrMt condition. Many are straight from packs!  The base set consists of 363 cards minus 13 short prints for a total of 350, so you are 70% of the way towards a full base set.  This lot includes everything including stars (A.Rod, Piazza, Soriano, Pujous,etc), minor stars, commons and the 3 checklists.  As a bouns here, I am also throwing in 3 Short Print cards (387,397 and 412) plus a Flash Back insert card (#F3).  All cards over 363 are short printed cards and not considered part of the base set.  A normal 03 Heritage wax box still sells for $60+, and you only get 192 cards to a box (24 packs x 8 cards/pack).  Here you are getting over 60 more cards plus 3 short prints and an insert card for a whole lot less than you would if you bought the box! - SOLD